How to Change the Default Sounds in Windows 7 Aero Theme

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win7Windows 7 Aero theme, like previews Microsoft operating systems, warns with default sounds while yu work on the computer. Each theme in Windows 7 (ex: Landscapes, Nature, Scenes etc.)  has got different, default sounds which have the purpose of grabbing your attention if you perform an operation which deserves special care or  is forbidden by the system itself. If you don’t like such sounds and wish to change them (or turn  the beep off ) here is an easy tutorial you will find quite useful.

  1. Right click on any empty space of your computer desktop.
  2. Click Personalize.
  3. Choose a theme you like. As stated before, such a theme will come its own default sounds.
  4. Under the pane containing the themes, click the Sound icon. This will open a new window containing three tabs: Playback, recording, sounds and communication. The sounds tab should be already opened. If not, click it.
  5. Click the Sound Scheme drop-down menu and select the new default sounds you like.
  6. Click OK.

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