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As you know in Google Chrome browser, but in all Internet browsers as far as I know,  there is no way to make, browse and see vertical tabs. All tabs are located on the toolbar, right under the web address field and the only way to open them is to click one tab at a time. Thanks to a little add-on you will now be able to browse your tabs vertically with the help of a small, handy button!

Vertical Tabs is a handy and simple addo-on for your Google Chrome which, as its name suggests, lets you browse your tabs…vertically! Some of tis most important features include: Search(filter) Tabs, Drag&Drop Rearrange Tabs, Tabs Counter, Keyboard Control, Vertical View.

Download Vertical Tabs

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5 Comments to “How to Make Vertical Tabs in Google Chrome”

  1. sdfsdf Says:

    i have tried chrome twice
    and removed it
    it seems it is the only browcer in which you can’t get rid of these stupid tabs
    why do i need tabs, when i already have taskbar? just another spacewaster!

  2. Today’s Interesting Articles – Says:

    […] How to Make Vertical Tabs in Google Chrome – […]

  3. Danny Peck Says:

    In Windows, you can start chrome with the –enable-vertical-tabs parameter for vertical tabs, natively (disable any custom skins first).

  4. Web Talk Says:

    Thanks Harris for your comment. Sometimes I am so accustomed to use Firefox and Chrome that I totally forget how good Opera is! I am going to install it on my PC and give it a couple of tries during the next days. 🙂

  5. Harris Says:

    good afternoon…opera allows you to move the tab bar… with a simple right click on the tab bar it can be placed on the left, right or bottom. i keep trying chrome and firefox and after a few days i take them off my computer. there are so many features built into opera, among them the addition of any search engine and by typing a “g” or “y” or “b” or “w” in front of what i want to search for, it will use that search engine. it also has a built in ftp called unite and the few times i have used it, it seems to work fine. one thing i wish would work is google gears which would allow be to work off line with zoho offline. no, i am not affiliated with opera in any manner but for me it is the best browser….thanks….harris

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