How to Match YouTube Videos

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Have you ever wished to match, compare and watch two YouTube Videos, side by side? There are a lot of reasons to do something like that. You might want to observe possible differences, you might wish to see if the person in the video has changed during a lapse of time or if he/she got a plastic surgery, for example. You could even wish to compare two singers singing the same song! There are really tons of interesting and funny reasons to use such a method. But how to phisically set two videos side by side on your computer screen? Here is the reply!

Youtubedoubler.com is a great website which lets you match two YouTube Videos side by side. Just copy and paste the YouTube webaddress of the two videos you want to watch, click the bid “Double Up” button and the two videos will start playing at the same time! Other services offered by Youtubedoubler.com include:

  • Mashup two different Youtube videos at the same time.
  • Mix two musical videos and watch the effect.
  • Create your own effects with YouTube videos.
  • Ect.

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