How to Download Two (or more) Files From Rapidshare Automatically

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If you like downloading files from Rapidshare, you might be interested in how to skip the countdown in Rapidshare, or how to download files from Rapidshare without waiting. This article instead will tech you how to download multiple files from it automatically. As you know, this big file-hosting website only lets you download one file at the time if you are a free users. But here is a small, free application which lets you download files without staying in from of your computer!

Rapidshare Multi File Downloader is a cool utility which will help you download two or more files… automatically. Just add whatever file to download  you like and the tool will automatically start the download after the previous one from your list has been completed.  Stop waiting for the countdown, stop waiting for the downloading procedure to be finished. Leave everything to Rapidshare Multi File Downloader and forget about it! Other features include:

  • Automatically download groups of files.
  • Download uncompleted files.
  • Save your favorite download list.

If you want to know more, click here.

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