How to Solve Error Code 5 on Yahoo! Mail

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yahooSometimes, while trying to open your Yahoo! Mail account you could get the following error “Error Code 5”. This error is a security warning telling you that you are trying to open your account from more than one place. Now, if you are sure that nobody else has got your username and password, this error should alert you right away because it means that somebody else, in the very moment you are trying to login your Yahoo! Mail,  is reading your emails! Let’s see what other reasons may  trigger this error and how to solve or fix it!

  1. You have a lot of opened tabs in your browser  with more than one instances of Yahoo! Mail. Close all tabs except one and the error will disappear.
  2. You are using a web client application (such as Outlook or Mozilla Thinderbird, for example) and you are trying to access your mail account via web. Simply,turn off the application to solve the issue.
  3. You and “somebody else” are trying to access the same Yahoo! Mail account at the same time!

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