How to Convert a Website to Mp3

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firefoxIf you are too lazy to read your favorite website or blog or you are just too busy to spend any time on the Internet, you might be interested in this nice add-on for Firefox which will convert (and speak) any text you highlighton a web page to an Mp3 file! This small, free utility is also useful for all those visually impaired users who can not read very well. Let’s how it works.

VoxFox is a great Firefox add-on which is able to read for you any part of a website or blog by highlighting it with your mouse! it is also able to create audiobooks in mp3, ogg, and wav formats with a simple click! How it works? Simply highlight any text you want, right click it and from the menu select “Speak Selected Text”.

VoxFox is also quite useful for those masters or blogger who wish to blogs and articles into podcasts. FoxVox now supports speech in many different languages.

If you want to know more or you wish to download it, visit the official webpage.

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