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Digg is one of the most famous social bookmarking websites in the Internet. To  survive, it “rents” space on its pages and the ones belonging to its users (personal profiles)  to private companies  to  show their ads. If you can’t stand this and you want to have a rather minimalistic and simple Digg page which goes “straight to the point” I have just found a nice add-on for Google Chrome able to remove and turn off all ads, including the toolbar and the footer information from Digg in one step!

Minimal.Digg is a great add-on for Chrome able to turn off all those useless  extras which do nothing but distract you. In fact, it will just show you only the content shared by Digg’s users.  Minimal.Digg is able to remove:
Removes all ads
– Removes all ads
– Removes toolbars
– Removes footer information
– Moves “Related By” under comments to the sidebar on story pages

If you want to download it, click here.

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One Comment to “How to Remove Advertisements (ads) from Digg”

  1. Sandrina Says:

    That is a good tip indeed.

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