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Skype is one of those useful tools which lets you talk for free everywhere in the world. But Skype goes beyond all this. In fact it also lets you instantly chat with whoever you want thus allowing you to make new friends. A big limit of chatting is that you can only  read and write in your own language (and the ones you have learned, of course). But what happen when you have to communicate with a person whose language is different from yours? Here is an interesting add-on which translates chats automatically, in real time and without effort!

Skype Translate is a tool that allows you to translate language in real time during a text chat on Skype. You can change to and from language for any Skype text chat session.

This tools sits on the system tray. Simply, right click to open the settings box. From there you can select languages for 2 users doing text chat on Skype. After the language is selected, you can type in your own language and text will be shown in the language selected for the recipient.

If you want to download it, visit this website.

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One Comment to “How to Translate Chats in Skype Automatically”

  1. sharkov Says:

    You could also check Clownfish for Skype ( http://skypefish.com ) . It supports google, bing, yahoo,babylon,systrans translation services with build-in spellcheck.

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