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Google is getting ready (as stated in the official Adsense Blog) to roll out a new interface for its ads program, Google Adsense.  Such interface is still in beta but it has got interesting features which are going to change the way publishers look at their “clicks”! The most notable changes and improvements are: more detailed performance reports, daily stats in graphical formats, additional metrics such as the amount you’ve earned from various ad, bid types etc. What follows is a simple trick which will let you turn on and enable the new Adsense interface.

The new User Interface is not ready yet and it is still in beta. However, if you can not wait and you want to try it out right away, you can ask for a free invitation by filling this form out: http://spreadsheets. google. com/viewform? formkey =dFBidHhuWENBS1RIWVZj cmtVZGZmRlE6MA

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One Comment to “How to Turn on the New Google Adsense Beta Interface”

  1. Saket Says:

    Thanks for it buddy.
    I have enabled the Beta interface for my account too xD

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