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If you are concerned about viruses, spyware and malware, then you should have a look at my  antivirus and antispyware sections right away.  Panda has recently come out with a nice, free antivirus based on the Cloud technology called Panda Cloud. Now, if you dont’ understand what I am talking about you have to know that such antivirus is nothing else than an online tool which is connected in real-time to PandaLabs’ online Collective Intelligence servers to protect you against the newest malware variants without slowing down your computer and your work. Let’s read more info about this product after the break.

Free Panda Cloud is no ordinary antivirus. First of all, your computer have to be connected to the Internet.  Panda Clouds scans  your machine by comparing your files with a vast virus database installed on a remote Panda server. To protect your computer, the software relies on a local and remote antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit, heuristics and malware cache. All this by using very little computer resource and bandwidth. The footprint is really small: around  22 MB of RAM and 50 percent of the PC performance impact in comparison with other antivirus software.

If you want to download the antivirus, click here.

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2 Comments to “Download Free Panda Cloud Antivirus for Free”

  1. ulf@Windows 7 antivirus Says:

    The Panda Cloud Antivirus works perfectly well since several months in five of our PC:s in my publishing company here in Sweden. Now we have no virus problems at all in those computors and plan to install Panda Cloud Antivirus software in the rest of our PC:s. Than you for good advice on this site!

  2. Adina Duane Says:

    I love this application, but i have issues with it connecting to its server!!! wen i was using a dial up connection this was a big problem even wen i took of my firewall it still wouldn’t connect, but all in all it does find those nasty critters quite well, so thumbs up for it!

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