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Windows 7Lately, some users are reporting a weird issue after installing VMare (Virtual machine) on their Windows operating systems.  On such occasions, after installing a VMware, upon restarting the computer, the operating system gets stuck right at the at Welcome Screen or Logon screen. Let’s see how to fix this! 

This issue which stops and freezes your computer at login is frequently reported on those computers running Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP,  which have just  one  account without any password set.  Such a problem is due to the fact that VMware automatically creates a new user account which is hidden by default. VMware also automatically logon such account with out your permission.

A simple solution which prevents all this  is to set your Windows to automatically login your own account or an account of your choice.

Windows Vista Procedure

  1. Click Start.
  2. In the search field, type netplwiz and hit Enter.
  3. Now, if the  User Access Control window appears on your screen to ask for permission, click Yes,  confirm and continue.
  4. The User Accounts window will appear on your screen. Untick the “Users must enter a username and password to use this computer.” and click OK.
  5. A new window called Automatically Log On will appear.
  6. Simply type the username and password of your account and your are done!

Windows 7 Procedure

The procedure is pretty similar to the one for  Windows Vista.

Windows Xp Procedure

The procedure is pretty similar to the one for Windows Vista. The only difference is the first two steps:

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click Run…
  3. In the Run box, type control userpasswords2, and  click OK.
  4. See Windows Vista procedure…

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4 Comments to “How to Fix Windows Stops at Logon Screen After Installing VMWare (Virtual Machine)”

  1. Wim Says:


  2. VTF Says:

    your question is out of logic, because this fix is exactly for those who do NOT want passwords. If you want pass, you just let it as is, or no?…

  3. tonton Says:

    is this the only solution to this boot problem?
    what if the user wants to keep security by maintaining account passwords?

  4. VFX Says:

    This was helpful. Thank you!

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