How to Delete the Temp Folder and Make your Computer Faster

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The rather unknown Temp Folder is one of those  things in your Windows  you are now aware of  until you stumble upon it. But what is it? Well, every time you surf the web, you install/uninstall an application, you delete something, or a  report is created by the operating system, Windows uses it as a ” junk”  folder to store those  files . Such files will be deleted them later. Now, the bad thing about this folder is that when Windows tries to delete its content, some of  it will result undeletable. In fact, during such occurrences the operating system thinks  some of its files are still used by some applications. What it doesn’t know is that they can be safely deleted. Of course, the more this folder become bigger, the more your computer will become slower and sluggish.  So, let’s see how to force Windows to delete the content of the temp folder.

  1. Click the My Computer icon.
  2. Right click on the C:\ partition (or the one where you operating system is installed on).
  3. A new settings window will appear.
  4. Under the “pie” chart you will notice a button labeled Disk Cleanup. Click it!
  5. A new dialog box will appear with a list of things (folders) to thick  in order to clean them.
  6. Tick the ones you want or all of them and click the Cleanup System Files button.
  7. Done!

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