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facebookBut what is a Facebook page exactly? Facebook pages is a new “feature” available in Facebook. As soon as you login your account, Facebook will prompt you to link your profile to some pages which should be of some interested to you. Reading from Facebook, we learn that: “We’ve improved the profile so that it doesn’t just list your information, but now links to Pages instead.  We matched your info to the Page(s) below.  Remember, your Pages are public.” The issue with this feature is that pages are openly public, so that if you link to them your whole profile will be accessible to millions of people! If you don’t like this, let’s see how to delete Facebook pages from your profile and account forever!

  1. Login your Facebook account.
  2. At the top-right of yourFacebook profile page, click Account.
  3. Click Edit Friends.
  4. On the left side bar, click Pages.
  5. A list of pages on your profile will appear. To delete them, simply click each “X” located on their right side.
  6. If you wish to delete all pages with a “bulk” action, sorry! There is not bulk action feature. What you can do instead, in order to save time, is  press Enter after you have clicked the “X” to confirm your action.

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3 Comments to “How to Delete Facebook Pages from your Facebook Account”

  1. manas majumder Says:

    Parmanently deleted

  2. manas majumder Says:

    I am not interested of facebook account

  3. Useless Says:

    This information is useless and outdated. Get it off of here. I want to know how to delete liked pages now. Today. Not a year ago. There are no pages listed any more. Where are they and how do I delete the frigging things.

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