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googletalkGoogle Talk is the famous chat client by Google. It’s an excellent, fast, reliable way to keep yourself in touch with your friends. Its interface or UI (user interface) is quite minimalist and simple. That’s the Google way. Take it or leave it. Nonetheless a lot of users miss the default features majority of chat clients have got such as Emoticons and the famous Invisible mode which lets you stay online while appearing offline to other users. Some time ago, Google Lab released an interesting Google Chat version called Google Talk Labs Edition which will let you peer in the future and see what Google Chat will be like…soon!

Google Talk Labs Edition contains a lot of interesting features which will take Google Talk to  same level of its “older” Chat tool  competitors such as Yahoo! Messenger, for instance. In fact, this new version offers you innovative options such as: Invisible mode, ability to sign in with as many as Google Accounts you wish at the same time and the much awaited Google Emoticons!

Download Google Talk Labs Edition Now!

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3 Comments to “How to Add Invisible Mode and Emoticons to Google Talk”

  1. abi Says:

    im not able to sign in to gtalk labs edition , any settings are their to access the it.

  2. Isuru(SL) Says:

    But not like the “Gtalk” client, with labs edition, the users cannot make voice calls, or voice messages, can they?

  3. Saket Says:

    Thanks. I didn’t know about it
    Downloading it right now 😀

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