How to Block Websites Using Internet Explorer

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internet explorerThere are a lot of ways to block unwanted websites and protect your children from “bad websites” to make them surf safely. However, this trick will let you block any website and blog by using your Internet Explorer, without buying any third-party applications or software. It is extremely simple to apply and it modifies certain settings in Internet Explorer which in no way affect the way you surf the Internet.

  1. Open Internet Explorer in Windows 7, Vista or XP.
  2. On the upper toolbar, click Tools and Internet Options.
  3. Now, from the settings window, click the Privacy tab.
  4. Click the Sites button. This will open the Per Site Privacy Actions window.
  5. In the Address of Website field, type the address of the website you wish to block and hit the Block button.
  6. Type as many websites as you want. Don’t forget to press the Block button after each of them!
  7. After you are done, press the OK button located at the end of the window.
  8. Now, go back to the Internet Options window and press the Content tab.
  9. Click the Enable button.
  10. Now, click Approved Sites tab.
  11. Type as many websites you wish to block as you want. After each of them press the Never button.
  12. When you are finished,click the OK button.
  13. At this point the system should prompt you to pick a password to prevent users from changing your settings.
  14. Type your password, confirm it and click OK.
  15. Done!

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