How to Recover and Retrieve Windows Operating System Key

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I have already covered this topic in the past. In fact, there are a lot of ways to  recover a Windows product key or retrieve your Windows 7 key. But in the Internet there are so many free tools able to save your life, above all after you have lost your Windows product keys (such as Office, Windows, Front Page etc) that I have decided to spend some more words on this issue and how to solve it in a couple of seconds without getting crazy!

CD Seizer Key is a simple, free tool able to retrieve all of your Microsoft keys in a matter of a couple of seconds. This version will currently retrieve the CD keys of the following products:  Windows 2000,XP, Office 2007 beta, Office Professional 2003, Front Page 2003.

WinGuggle is another free application which manages to recover Windows OS and Office product keys in case you have lost them but you have managed to successfully install the software on your computer. It also manages to recover Windows 7 keys from your computer.

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