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If you have a Facebook account, you know that this nice social website contains tons of free, funny videos. The issue here is that it is practically impossible to save them! Luckily for you there is an almost unknown script which lets you save these videos on your computer offline!  What follows is an easy tutorial which will let you achieve this result.

  1. Open your Firefox.
  2. Download this Javascript add-on called GreaseMonkey.
  3. Restart your browser (as suggested) to install the add-on.
  4. Download this script.
  5. At this point all you will have to do is go to Facebook.
  6. Locate a Video you want to download and you will notice that on its right there will be a link that will let you download it.
  7. All videos are saved as .flv file format.

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2 Comments to “How to Save a Video From Facebook Using Firefox”

  1. mh Says:

    it doesn’t work???!!

  2. D. Finegan Says:

    Now if there was only one for Chrome. Chrome is so much faster than IE8. I can visually watch the screen update in IE whereas in Chrome it snaps instead.

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