WordPress 3.0 is Out!

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wordpressAfter a few months silence, a new WordPress version has been released into the wild! I am talking about WordPress 3.0 (codename Thelonious) which, like previous WordPress releases, is bound to add, change and introduce a lot of new features to bloggers and wannabe bloggers! But let’s see what’s under-the-hood of WordPress 3.0!

WordPress 3.0 is the culmination of  about half a year of work and the help of 218 contributors. What follows is a list of the most important features and improvement bloggers will notice after updating WordPress to the latest version:

  • New default theme. So after years, the famous Kubrick theme has gone to pension to make room to the new modern  and flexible Twenty Ten which uses all the new features available.
  • WordPress Multi-User. This feature in now available to all blogger, at last! Basically, it lets you open and manage multiple blogs from a single WordPress installation.
  • Support for Shortlinks. Lately, the Internet has seen the rise of a new type of Web addrees called “Shortlinks”. They lets you create personalized, shorter and anonymous Internet addresses. Now, WordPress integrates such shortlinks natively using Automattic’s own wp.me shortener.
  • Custom Posts. In addition to the famous posts and pages, now WordPress lets you create entirely posts types. This apparent, meaningless feature tells a lot about WordPress future. In fact, it shifts WordPress away from its limited role of blogging platform to put it together to other famous CMS systems such as Joomla!, for example.
  • Custom themes, backgounds, footers etc. Developers now have access to new APIs thatwill  lets users choose custom backgrounds, menus and headers etc.
  • Better and lighter Admin interface.
  • etc.

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