How to Open .PPV files

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powerpointSo, you have got an email attachment and you don’t know how to open it. That’s quite common and there is nothing to worry about! The first thing you have got to do is scan it with your antivirus. If everything is all right you have to look at its extension. Most of the time you will see that you don’t manage to open it because you don’t have the proper software installed on your machine. One of the most used file you might get as attachment (above all if you work in a office) is the one having .ppv extension. In case you don’t know how to open it, here is a brief tutorial which will let you know how to open a .ppv file and what it is about!

PPv files are nothing else than files created using PowerPoint. They are presentations, usually made to show graphics and such. Microsoft  PowerPoint is a powerful tool which is part of the famous Microsoft Office package. If you don’t know how to open it, it means that you don’t have Office installed on your computer (so, it is not a Microsoft Office Error!). Don’t worry! You don’t have to buy it if you want to see the file you coworker has just sent you. in fact, Microsoft, well aware of this issue has released a PowerPoint Viewer!

Reading from Microsoft web page: “Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer 2007 lets you view full-featured presentations created in PowerPoint 97 and later versions.”

Download PowerPoint Viewer now.

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