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As we all know, Google Chrome is a very simple, bare-bone Internet Browser. Of  course there are a lot of ways to enhance it. Most of us don’t care about it, because Chrome lack of features is rewarded, so to speak, by its blazing speed! However, for those users who spend most of the day among numbers and calculations, I have got a nice add-on which will add to your Chrome an out-of-ordinary calculator.

Don’t get fooled by its plain name! In fact, Chromey Calculator is not an ordinary calculator. Sure, it is able to perform the most common mathematical operations but if you want to use it only for this purpose, it would be a pity. In fact CC is a super calculator able to make wonders! Here is a list of its features:

  • Results are generated using Google and Wolfram|Alpha.
  • Persistent printer tape style history.
  • Persistent links to original source of each result.
  • Persistent user variables.
  • Persistent user variables.
  • Mixed unit calculations — 2 mi + 4 km + 3 light-years in feet
  • Currency conversion — 56 dollars in euros.
  • Hex, octal, binary — 4 + 0xAF + 0o71 + 0b10 in hex.
  • Solve equations — solve(2 x^2 – 1 = 0).
  • Derivatives and integrals.
  • More!

Download Chromey Calculator.

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One Comment to “How to Add a Calculator to Google Chrome”

  1. Dennis F. Says:

    Fantastic. Wish this had been around when I was in college – I was a math major.

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