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If you work a lot using your computer and you create a lot of folders, files, documents etc, I am pretty sure that at a certain point you might wish to print the content of a special folder in Windows 7. This is extremely useful, above all if such a folder contains a huge quantity of your stuff such as: documents, pictures, videos, files etc and you want to check them quickly without staying in front of your computer. Here is a simple trick which help you a lot!

  1. Click Start.
  2. In the Search field, type CMD select and do not press Enter.
  3. Right click the CMD icon , select Run as Administrator and press Enter.
  4. Now comes the tricky part. Locate on the Dos window the folder you want to print the content of. To do so, type: cd.. and again cd.. this will let you start from the main root C\.
  5. Now start navigating among the folders in this way: cd windows and press Enter. Go on till you locate the folder you are interested in.
  6. Once you have locate the folder, type dir >contents.txt and press Enter.
  7. Windows won’t tell you anything meaning that no message will appear on the Dos black window.
  8. Simply go to your folder and open it. Among its items you will notice a new txt file. Open it!
  9. As you see this file contains a list of the content of the folder.
  10. Done!

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One Comment to “How to Print a List of Items Contained in a Windows 7 Folder”

  1. Harris Says:

    good evening…i have been using a program from Karens Power Tools called Directory Printer…it is very easy to use and best of all doesn’t require any cmd line commands…i find it very useful for having a directory of my 32 dual layer dvd’s of my mp3 backups…one can print just the folder or the contents of each folder as well…the link to her and i am assuming it is a her by the name of the site or perhaps i’m being to presumptuous is


    there are some nice utilities at her site….harris

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