How to Disable Autorun.inf in Your Computer

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Last year I write how, thanks to a simple, free tool, you could disable and turn off the autorun feature in your computer in order to prevent malicious infections from viruses installed on a USB external drive. Since the quantity of computers infected by viruses and spywares which use the autorun.inf file is on the rise, I have decided to write about another utility which will help you make your computer safer.

So, you have to know that viruses use the autorun.inf file to infect your machine. Of course, I am talking about those viruses which are installed on USB external drives such as your USB dongle, for example. The way they manage to infect PCs is really simple. Windows operating systems use this file to decide what kind of action to execute when an  external storage device (USB drive or CD/DVD) is inserted into the PC.  Once an infected USB is inserted on a computer, the virus modifies the autorun.inf right away so that Windows while mounting the USB drive will also open the virus itself without any notice.

Panda USB  is a simple tool which disable the Autorun file  completely so that no program will able to auto-exec.

If you want to know more or you just want to download the file, click here.

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