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As you know the useful Google Toolbar comes with a nice feature which lets you add custom (customized) button to it to easily access certain Google services, display news and rss etc. Now, you have to know that it is very common, while installing third-party software, to get new buttons to the Google Toolbar. They are silently, and most of the time, installed without your permission and, to add insult to injury, they are even quite difficult to delete. This little tutorial will tech you how to remove unwanted custom buttons from your Google Toolbar!

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Locate the following folders:
  3. %SystemDrive%\ ProgramData\ Google\Custom Buttons
    %SystemDrive%\ Documents and Settings\ Your_User_Name\Local Settings\ Application Data\ Google\ Custom Buttons\
    %SystemDrive%\Users \ Your_User_Name\ AppData\Local\ Google\ Custom Buttons

  4. Custom and unwanted button have a .xml extensions and are located on these folders.
  5. Simply delete .xml files to delete any unwanted button.

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One Comment to “How to Remove Custom Buttons from Google Toolbar”

  1. Chittaranjan Says:

    Really this process helped me to remove my Custom search problem ..Thanks a lot..

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