How to Instantly View Full Image Size on Google Image

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As stated on Wikipedia, Google Image is: “a search service created by Google which allows users to search the Web for image content”. Now, if you use this web tool quite a lot, you know pretty well that one its most hated and annoying features is that you have to click TWICE to get the full size of any image or  picture. In fact, what you get after a search  is a list of picture and photo thumbnails. Here is a couple of simple applications which will help you view the full image size of any picture on Google Image, right away!

Google Image Ripper is a simple website which will  search Google Image for you and will show you the real size of any picture right away. It works in a very easy way. On its bare-bone home page you will find a form. Type in your keyword, select the size and the type of the pictures you wish to get and click the Rip Google button to start the search!

Google Image Help is a nice add-on for your Firefox which “helps you perform google image results quickly by allowing view of the full size images directly”. Download it, install it on your Firefox, restart it and perform a search on Google Image…that’s it!

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