How to Search Google Using Keyboard Shortcuts

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I have already written about something like this. You might want to read this article which explains you how to search Google without mouse. As a part of an experiment, some years ago, Google released an interesting webpage which allowed users search Google using  keyboard shortcuts only. I have decided to revamp this old Google project for you guys because I think that majority of you don’t even know about it.

Google Keyboard Shortcuts is an interesting and quite unknown Google experiment which lets you “Navigate search results quickly and easily, minimizing use of your mouse”. Current keyboard shortcuts include:

Key Action
J Selects the next result.
K Selects the previous result.
O Opens the selected result.
<Enter> Opens the selected result.
/ Puts the cursor in the search box.
<Esc> Removes the cursor from the search box.

If you wish to join the experiment, visit this Google page.

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