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I bet you didn’t know about this nice trick! Did you know that Google lets you search for any movie playing in your city just by typing a simple Google address and nothing more? So, stop browsing the Web to look for websites crammed with ads, pop-up and annoying request for email subscriptions, which allow you to see what movies are available in your city! Use Google Movie Search and get the information about your favorite movies right away, for free and in a simple way! Visit Google Movies Search and find everything you want about the movies you wish to watch! Thanks to Google Geolocation you won’t even need to type your city or location. In fact, Google will look at your computer IP and will determine where you live and what is the city next to your house.

The service also displays: Name of the theatre and address, timing, review and movie ratings.

There are another couple of Google web pages which let you search for movies, here are their web adresses:

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3 Comments to “How to Look for Movies Playing in Your City with Google Movie Search”

  1. DownloadFreeNewMovie Says:

    Thanks for posting this, as I was wondering from last 1 week to find this out.

    Thanks again!

  2. personalised banners Says:


  3. Dennis F. Says:

    I tried this. Doesn’t get my city correct, but when I entered the correct city it was fantastic. Very fast and complete listings..

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