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Google has just rolled out a new, nice feature for your Gmail account. Now, you will be able to add anchor texts and wonderful pictures and images as signatures in your Gmail email. This means that if you own or work for a blog or a company, you will be able to add your personal logo or the one belonging to the company you work for.

The only limit to such a nice feature is that you will only able to add icons, pictures etc. in the signature that are already on the Internet (meaning that they have to be hosted on a server). In fact, Google doesn’t give you the chance to upload anything on its servers, so far.

For more info, watch the video below!

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One Comment to “How to Add Pictures and Images to Your Gmail Signature”

  1. rumesh.fbi Says:

    Hey thanks. Work is grade. I don’t know how to add pictures in a mail. Now I found that’s the way. Keep going………

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