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office 2010Microsoft has just released an interesting ebook for its new product, Microsoft office 2010.  The digital ebook comes in different formats namely: docx, pdf and xps. According to Microsoft “Operation Guide for Office 2010″…provides information about how to maintain and manage an installation of Microsoft Office 2010.” Here is what you will be able to find in this free, Office 2010 ebook.

  • How to manage, update and configure your Office 2010 after the first installation.
  • Complete list of all available updates for Office 2010.
  • Office 2010 Administrative template files as well as all those tools to customize the whole package.
  • How to uninstall office 2010 and install a previous, old Office package.
  • Adding or removing languages after deploying Office 2010.
  • How to manage and change user configurations.

Download the book in PDF format: ORKOperations.pdf
Download the book in DOC format: ORKOperations.doc
Download the book in XPS format: ORKOperations.xps

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