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Last year, I covered something very similar to the topic of this post when I wrote about how to download tons of free portable applications for your USB drive. However, at the time I merely wrote down a list of links where you actually could download each application. Today, I am going to take the whole matter to the very next level! In fact, just image to download, with a couple of clicks, a customized package containing…lots of USB portable applications! And best of all…it’s for free!

I have to confess it. Liberkey.com is a great, amazing website (hey! I don’t even know who is behind it. My word!). It lets you  download 297 applications available in a few clicks! The applications you will get will range from audio software, CD software, games, Internet software etc… to system utilities, server software, office software and much more! All these portable apps are bundled in big packages named:

All these packages are:

  • Free
  • Ready to use
  • Portable applications
  • Automatic online updates
  • Synchronization with the online catalog

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