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Has it ever happened to you to receive an email from an unknown sender and wished to know more about him such as where he comes from, where he sent the email etc? Well, this simple post will help you a lot! In fact, thanks to this tutorial you will be able to gather email info about the user who sent you that anonymous email which made you so…angry, disappointed, furious, amazed etc.

  1. The first to do is open the email you got. I mean, do not use any preview. Just click the email from the list of your inbox folder and open the email in a new window if you use an email client, or in the main pane, if you use a web email service.
  2. Now, you should look for the email header link. Such a feature lets you display special information (such as: IP, web address and other unreadable info) about the email.
  3. Among the many information displayed about your email, the email header feature should also display a special row which should start with: “Received: from”. Inside such a row, you should also be able to find a IP number ( ex: ) which identifies the computer where the email was sent from. Copy it!
  4. Now, go to yougetsignal.com and paste the IP number in the Remote Address field which is located right under the map.
  5. As soon you as you hit the Host Trace button, on the map you will be able to find the exact place where the email you got was sent from.
  6. If you feel uncomfortable to search for IP numbers among tricky and difficult pieces of code etc., you can use a more easy way! Spokeo.com is a wonderful website which is able to show info about  the sender of any email, by typing the email address in its Search field. Once you press the Search button, Spokeo will search among dozens of social networks, web documents, web pages etc and will return you with a detailed report of the person you are targeting. In my case I submitted the email address of a guy who sent me an email about an article I had written, and Spokeo was able, in a couple of seconds,  to give me his name, surname, where he comes from and what social networks he uses! Great service!

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One Comment to “How to Look for Email Info”

  1. Dennis F. Says:

    Spokeo.com is a pay site. $35/yr just to see what they have. For one time use this is really overpriced.

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