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office 2010Following an article of mine on how to change fonts in Microosft Excel 2010, I have decided to write another similar tutorial which will let you customize and change fonts in Microsoft Word 2010. Personally speaking I don’t like the new default font Microsoft adopted in its new Office 2010. I find the Colibri font too small and “annoying”, without personality, so to speak. Let’s see how to change it! 

  1. Open Microsoft Word 2010.
  2. Create a new document by clicking FileNew and Blank Document.
  3. Now, click the Home tab and click  the launcher arrow which is located in the Font dialog box.
  4. The Font window should appear on your screen. Now change the font, the font style and its size.
  5. Click OK to set the new font as default.

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One Comment to “How to Customize Microsoft Word Fonts in Word 2010”

  1. Marina Says:

    I want to change font for the comments not document: Entire document is in Arial, but comment is in ugly times new roman, i would like any other, calibri or arial, just not TNR. How do I set the comments font

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