How to Google People and Find Everything About Anybody

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One of the most common pastimes of us, Internet surfers, is without any doubt to Google people we know such as our friends, girlfriend/boyfriend, family members, stars etc. While this nice activity is quite fun and let us spend  some carefree hour of pure enjoyment, very few users manage to find read and useful information about the people they are looking for. This little guide will teach you how to Google people, someone you know or whoever you know and get real information about them!

  1. So, Go to Google.com.
  2. To Google the people you wish to know more about, in the search field, type the name/surname of the person you are looking for. Alternatively, you can also write his surname first and after that,  his name.
  3. If you typed the combination name/surname  correctly, a list of search results will appear on your screen showing you interesting stuff about the person you are “targeting”.
  4. To make your search more refined write everything in quotation marks. Ex.: “Mark Twain”
  5. Make sure to have written everything in a correct way. If you made some mistake, Google will correct you by showing at the beginning of the search results a “Did you mean: …” note followed by a link representing the correct version of what you typed. If this is your case, click the correct  version to get search results showing the right info of the person.
  6. If you know the telephone number of the person, try this Google Search Operator. Ex.: rphonebook: Mark Malcom or, more simply: phonebook: Mark Malcom. This search will return you info about where this person lives and a map showing you exactly where he lives! rphonebook means residential listings. If you are looking for a business try: bphonebook: Mark Malcom.
  7. Google also offers you a service called Google Profile. Reading from the main Google Profile page we learn something useful: “What do people see when they find you online? You can control how you appear in Google by creating a personal profile…”.  To use it, simply substitute the name at the end of this web address, copy and paste it and hit Enter: http://www.google.com/profiles/crastinate.

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