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How often  have you wished to know the time  the sunrise and sunset during the year?   How many times have you been curious to know what time the sunset is on that particular place so that to enjoy a wonderful view of the sun going down to the sea, behind a mountain, to the lake etc? Well, believe it or not but in this case Google can help you! Here is a quick way to calculate and know sunrise and sunset times…in a click!

  1. Go to Google.com.
  2. In the Search field, type Sunrise (name of the city) or Sunset (name of the city) and hit Enter.
  3. Done!

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2 Comments to “How to Calculate Sunrise and Sunset Times”

  1. Nag Says:

    Dont fool around people dude..
    People know that google it would, what is expected here is to have some math calculation.
    If u dont know the answer jst shut ur ass .. dont act foolish.

  2. Mark Wolfinger Says:

    This is a way to discover the times.
    This is not a way to ‘calculate’ – and that’s what you advertised.

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