How to Add Weather Forecast to Google Homepage

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As you know, Google homepage is quite simple (well, even too much!) and minimalist. It doesn’t contain anything but the classic Google logo, the search field and a couple of links. Wouldn’t you like to add something more or customize it your way? For example, I like to know what the weather is like. To do this I don’t watch TV nor I buy expensive software! In fact, I have found an interesting way to add my local weather forecast to my Google homepage. So, let’s see how to customize your Google using interesting widgets and options belonging to Google itself!

Google lets you customize its homepage by adding interesting and useful features. That’s a fact but…did you know about this? Let’s see how to add a weather forecast widget (and other ones) to Google Homepage to make it a less blank and lonely place!

  1. Before starting with this tutorial I want to tell you that in order to add stuff to Google homepage you need to have a Google account. So go to Google Accounts and create one!
  2. Sign-in to iGoogle by using your Google account.
  3. Now, simply Choose your location, type in your ZIP code and press the See your Page button.
  4. As you as you press such button a new Google homepage will appear on your screen. The first widget on the left should tell your local weather forecast.
  5. The good news is that you can display iGoogle even without a Google account. In fact, as soon as you fill in the blank fields, Google will save these personal settings in your Internet Browser. Having a Google account is a plus. Every time you clear your Internet cache, all your Google settings will be deleted as well. With a Google account all your settings won’t be saved locally on your computer, but on Google servers so that, no matter if you clear your computer from junk, no matter if you go to Alaska and use another computer, iGoogle and your personal weather forecast will always follow you!

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