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If you are not familiar with this service, Google Desktop Search is a: “Utility that indexes files on desktop PC and displays results in a Google search page, with some relevance ranking based on modified dates.” Simply put, it searches your computer stuff (files, photos, music etc.) as well as the Internet (websites etc.) by using the powerful algorithm used by Google Search Engine.  The issue with such a nice tool is that it keeps indexing your computer files relentlessly, thus decreasing and slowing down your computer performance. Here is a simple procedure to close and turn off the resource-devouring Google Desktop Searchnd a make your computer fast.

  1. Click the Start Orb in your Windows operating system.
  2. Go to Programs – Google Desktop – Uninstall Google Desktop.
  3. Select Remove Completely For all Users.
  4. If you want to completely delete the index Google created for your computer file, untick the “Keep index…” option and then click uninstall.
  5. In case you experience trouble while closing and uninstalling Google Desktop Search, try this other procedure:
  6. In your C: drive create a new folder and call it RemoveGD.
  7. Download and save the Desktop setup file from http://dl.google.com/dl/desktop/L/en/GoogleDesktopSetup.exe. Save it to the RemoveGD folder.
  8. Click the Start Orb in your Windows operating system.
  9. Click Run… , type CMD and press Enter. This will let you gain access to the black DOS window.
  10. Now, type the following command: cd C:\RemoveGD
  11. Type GoogleDesktopSetup.exe -uninstall to turn on the uninstalling process. Follow the instruction to close the Google app once for all!

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One Comment to “How to Effectively Close Google Desktop Search in a Couple of Clicks”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Dear WebTalk Editors,

    The article on turning off the Google Desktop was pointless and a waste of time to read. of course! Anything can be turned off by uninstalling it! And what’s up with “in a couple of clicks?” The actions the article suggests seem certainly like a lot more than two clicks. Also, uninstalling GD will also get rid of the Sidebar, which the article doesn’t mention at all.

    Such a trite and obvious “solution” is not worthy of your newsletter, which normally publishes interesting and useful articles.

    A more useful article would have been to describe how to make certain changes to GD that will streamline indexing, such as turning off indexing for email, the web, contacts, calendar etc, all found on the GD options page ready to tick off if undesired.

    Another good topic to discuss about all this is guidelines for how much RAM a PC/Laptop should have to allow smooth operation of GD. I have found the following to be minimum requirements:

    XP – 2GB
    Vista – 4GB
    W7 – 2GB

    RAM below these levels indicates you should not install GD to begin with.

    Keep in mind all powerful utilities, and GD fits that description, require a fair amount of resources. Tweaking an offending app should be the first thing to try to make it work, not uninstall it!



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