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zoomWhile browsing the Internet using your nice Google Chrome, at a certain point you might wish to zoom in or zoom out certain web pages to see a picture better or read that article which uses a very tiny font size. Thanks to a nice add-on you will be able to zoom whatever you page or picture you want in one click!

Zoom Extension is a nice addon available for Google Chrome which lets you the opportunity to : “Zoom in or out on web content using the zoom button for more comfortable reading.”  The add-on works in a very simply way. In fact, you can zoom inside a content website by clicking on the + or -. Alternatively, if you don’t want to use the add-on you can press CTRL++ or CTRL+- which will do the same as this extension.

Zoom inside a content website. By clicking on the + or -.

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One Comment to “How to Easily Zoom In (and Out) in Google Chrome”

  1. Dennis F. Says:

    Thanks. But since I have so many apps running, I prefer the Ctrl++. I had forgotten about it. Too much to remember with all the different systems and programs. Recently upgraded to a DIY PC with an i7-930. Running Win 7 64-bit. Raid 1. Everything is almost instantaneous. So if you find yourself with a few extra Lira laying around, upgrade!

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