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firefox 4One of the most useful features in Firefox 4 is its Crash Protection system which lets you restore any Internet Session after an unexpected crash. This little feature, in case of a crash, will ask you whether or not you wish to save and restore an Internet session. The Crash Protection works so well that even if you don’t manage to reopen a previous Internet session, you will still be able to do it by using a nice…Firefox command!

  1. In the address bar, type about:sessionrestore and hit Enter.
  2. At this point a menu will open in your Firefox window.  On such a menu you will able to choose whether you want to restore a previous session.
  3. You will also be given the option to reopen previous tabs.

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2 Comments to “How to Restore Internet Sessions in Firefox 4”

  1. Nio Says:

    Is there a way to display all the tabs that were closed at a certain date?

    My FF didn’t crash but I closed the tabs by mistake (I remembered that there was an important group of tabs, a millisecond after confirming the closing), and I used FF afterwards, so not only it was not a crash, but the tabs that I want are not in the previous session anymore…
    That’s why I believe the only way to recover them, is by searching the tabs that were closed at a certain date & time, if there is a way to do this..

  2. good1 Says:

    Very good I searched for this command because I was hoping to restore a PREVIOUS PREVIOUS session but it didn’t have a way to go back any further, still..this is great advice thank you!

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