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I have to tell you the truth. When a couple of days ago a Web Talk’s reader asked this question to me I got…speechless! What the heck is Google Cheese? The best reply I could give him was: “Please, give a couple of minute to find out more!”. For those of you guys who don’t know what to think about Google Cheese, you have to know that it is nothing else than the famous Google Moon web service which allows you to “browse” our satellite, just in the same way you do with Google Maps!  Let’s see how to find more about Google Moon!

Google Moon (Cheese) shows you Satellite Images of the Moon.  The current version has got interesting features but the most important ones can be grouped into three different “modes”:

  1. Apollo Mode. Get the most important facts about Apollo missions including: dates, images, videos, street-View style panoramas etc. (directly provided by NASA).
  2. Visible Mode. This mode lets you get satellite imagery for the Moon (provided by Clementine mission).
  3. Elevation. See the Moon by using False Colors rendering technique.

Other feature include:

  • Tours of lunar landing sites, narrated by the real Apollo astronauts, the guys who made history!
  • 3D models of vehicle and Rovers.
  • Video and TV footage of the Apollo Missions.

If you want to use Google Moon, without installing any software, visit this Google website now!

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One Comment to “What Google Cheese Is?”

  1. Xerfas Says:

    Back in 2005, when you zoomed in on google moon website the moon turned in to a picture of a cartoon cheese. That no longer works.
    This is probably what the reader meant.

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