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youtubeOne of the most annoying features on certain YouTube videos are  ads (advertisements). They have different way to bother and annoy you. In fact, some of them start playing as soon as you open the YouTube page containing the video, others are just small bars on the bottom side of the video. The most irritating ones are played before the video itself as small (usually 15 secs) clips, like commercials on TV. If you want to remove and disable them, the best way to achieve this is not buying expensive software or applying hard hacks and tweaks. In this case YouTube has provided a very easy (but totally unknown to the majority of users) way to skip ads. Let’s how!

As soon as the ads plays on your screen, press F5. This will reload the YouTube page. Subsequently,  the video will start playing without any ads!

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7 Comments to “How to Turn Off and Disable Ads on YouTube”

  1. asdasd Says:

    This method does not work with the newer type of ad. Sadly.

  2. ted Says:

    this doesnt work any more. it used too and now when i do it a whole new commercial comes up.

  3. a Says:


  4. jon roberts Says:

    F5 doesn’t work. I agree Youtube are assholes and deserve to be boycotted and not used. See if the fags like that

  5. Asstits Says:

    Get those nail breakers!

  6. Sam Says:


  7. me Says:

    say the person who interweaves ads into his content… yes, I’m really interested in those geiger counters *click*

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