Fast and Easy Google Search Commands on Firefox

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firefoxThere are a lot of ways to use Google Search to look  for stuff on the Internet. You can use Google Search as a regular user and type in the Search field the keywords you are looking for, and there is a smarter way to spot the stuff on the Internet using certain Google Search commands which are meant to make  you life easier by saving valuable seconds and clicks. This article will show you how to use Google and save time  by using bookmarklets in Firefox. A bookmarklet is: “an applet, a small computer application, stored as the URL of a bookmark in a web browser or as a hyperlink on a web page.” (Wikipedia). Basically, a bookmarklet is a javascript code to use in your browser able to do…wonders! 

Here are the most useful Bookmarklets to Search Google. To use them, simply copy and paste them to Firefox Web Address field and hit Enter! Don’t mind about their search syntax! What matters here is what they can achieve for you!

This command will let you browse and search the website you are in by using Google Search.

javascript:(function(){var h,q;h=location.hostname;q=(window.getSelection ? window.getSelection() :
 document.getSelection ? document.getSelection() : document.selection.createRange().text);q=prompt
('Search \''+h+'\' using Google:',q);if(q!=null){if(h){q='site:'+h+' '+q;}

This command will highlight a search term (basically it will help you find a text or a keyword on a certain web page). Alternatively, you can type a new keyword after pasting the bookmarklet in the Search field

('Select text first or enter keywords now!',''))};if(Qr)location.href='http://google.com/

Search Google Image wherever you are by using this bookmarklet!

('Select text first or enter keywords now!',''))};if(Qr)location.href=

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