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If you have a Facebook profile you know that one of its hot features is the chat which allows you to chat with your friends in real time. Every time you log in Facebook such a feature will pop-up as a small window on the bottom-right side of your personal page. Did you know that Facebook saves all your conversations?  This tutorial will help you clear your Facebook history in a couple of steps!

  1. Login your Facebook account.
  2. Look for the well-known chat pop-up located on the bottom-right side of your Facebook main page.
  3. Click the Chat button located on the chat bar.
  4. Now, click Specific Friend to delete the whole chat history for that friend.
  5. In the Chat window you will see a new link called Clear Chat History. Click it!
  6. Repeat steps from 2 to 5 to delete other chats you had with other friends.
  7. Click this link if you wish to delete the Chat feature from your Facebook.

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2 Comments to “How to Clear Facebook Chat History”

  1. MAriah Tyler Says:

    Now we be very disapointed, my friend.

  2. Edward Newcombe Says:

    Ok… this feature is not there anymore… I have read on plenty of forums now… the clear chat history feature has been removed… now what????

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