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firesayVoice recognition technology lets people use their own voice to perform certain operations on the computer such as writing documents, modifying files etc.  in order to interact with their PCs in an easier way. Wouldn’t you like to use such wonderful technology on your Firefox browser and add special voice commands to it to surf the Internet by using your voice only? Here is a brilliant solution!

Firesay is a simple, free addon for your Firefox which lets you to surf the web using voice commands.  Basically, it mixes traditional Internet navigation with voice-based navigation. As a result, you will be able to visit websites, blogs, download files etc in a completely new way!  Here is a list of its most important features:

  • Say your search queries instead of typing them.
  • Say which sites you want to visit instead of typing URL addresses.
  • Say what TV shows you want to watch on Hulu.
  • Search Google by saying “Google” followed by the keywords you want to look for.

Download Firesay now!

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One Comment to “How to Add Voice Commands Features on Firefox”

  1. romans74 Says:

    This add-on has not been updated to work with your version of Firefox…

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