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facebookI have already written about this topic some time ago. In fact, in a previous article of mine I wrote how to remove  the annoying chat from Facebook, for good! Facebook team aware that a lot of users really don’t like such a feature has added on Facebook personal profile a handy option which will lets you disable and turn off (go offline) the chat so that none of your friends will be able to see you online.

  1. Login your Facebook personal profile.
  2. Look at the bottom-right of your personal page. You should be able to see the Chat box.
  3. Click the Option button on the Chat box.
  4. Tick Go Offline option.
  5. Done!
  6. Keep in mind that from now on, nobody will be able to see you online even if you are on logged into Facebook checking photos, messages, videos etc.

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2 Comments to “How to Disable (Go Offline) Chat on Facebook”

  1. Malou Says:

    i cannot see the Option button on chat box to go offline chatting

  2. Malou Says:

    cannot find the Option button on the chatbox

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