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diggThere are a lot of reasons which may push you to change your current Digg username. In fact, you might dislike it, or  you might wish to change it to one more “serious” and professional or even funny. If that’s your case, then I have just found how to achieve this result. Differently from Twitter which allows you to change your username and name in a very easy way, Digg users don’t have  such option. So, let’s see how to change your Digg username to one which fits your new…personality!

  1. As a first step, you have to make sure that the username you are going to pick is not used by anyone. To do this, simply go to Digg.com and try to create an account. If the system recognizes that your new username is available then you are all right, otherwisese you have to choose another one.
  2. If your username is available, go to digg.com/contact. A form will greet you. Fill in such form with your Digg username and email and  in the message field explain why you want to change your username.
  3. Please, keep in mind that changing your Digg username will also affect your personal Digg page URL which as a result will embed the new username.

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One Comment to “How to Change Your Personal Digg Username”

  1. MaxMonic Says:

    Hi, I already contact them. Thanks for the guide.
    Hope they will change my ID.

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