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Internet Explorer 9During the Beauty of the Web event in San Francisco, Microsoft has  finally released the first, official, public beta of  Internet Explorer 9. This latest version has got a lot of interesting features under the hood which, in a lot of ways, completely redesign the famous  Internet browser. So, let’s see what improvements Microsoft has stuffed Internet Explorer with and how to download it!

The list of improvements and features is really impressive! The most important ones include:

  • Compact user interface.
  • Pinned Sites feature allows you access them directly from the taskbar on your Windows 7 desktop.
  • Better, improved download manager.
  • Better, improved tabs.
  • The redesigned New Tab page displays the sites you visit most often and color codes them for quick navigation.
  • New Notification tab at the bottom of Internet Explorer.
  • Add-on Performance Advisor. It tells you if an add-on is slowing down your browser performance.
  • Hardware Accellerator.

Form a more comprehensive list of features, visit this official Microsoft Internet Explorer webpage.

Download Internet Explorer 9 Beta in your own language now!

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One Comment to “Download Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Beta Now!”

  1. Melb Says:

    I can not open Internet Explorer 9 anymore. It has stopped working. Any ideas?

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