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Internet Explorer 9Usually, when you download a file using Windows Internet Explorer, its download manager also shows you the download speed. The new Internet Explorer 9 Download Manager doesn’t show you this valuable info…apparently. In fact, the only thing you can see on its interface is the percentage of the download and the remaining time. Let’s see how to see the Download Speed in IE9 in …0 (zero) clicks!

The trick is really easy. All you have to do is open the Download Manager after starting a download. Now, hover your mouse pointer over the download percentage. As soon as you place your mouse pointer over the percentage a small window will appear showing you the download speed. That’s it!

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4 Comments to “How to Check Download Speed on Internet Explorer 9”

  1. sa Says:

    why the f**k not just keep it there ?
    i don’t know how do they make these stupid stuff

  2. James Says:

    I hate it when they take away some stuff that they had before. I don’t mind if they add new stuff but please don’t take away stuff. So now I have to keep moving the cursor over there to monitor the speed. Stupid Microsoft developers.

  3. JanisB Says:

    Nu tas ir pizdec vienkārši tādu štellu izdomāt……..

  4. Chuck Says:

    Does anyone know if the download manager can be disabled? I liked downloading the old way and now all the new browsers are getting so weird.

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