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FirefoxA couple of days ago I wrote about an interesting trick which let you run Firefox inside Firefox. Well, more than a trick I consider it a bug meaning that it shows you something Firefox is not supposed to do. Recently, I have found out other Firefox bugs which in different ways duplicate “odd behaviours” which, despite they may be considered errors, are quite useful, actually!

Firefox interface is written using XUL and Javascript. The Gecko engine, (which is also used by Google Chrome)  which shows  and renders webpages also renders the user interface. This means that you can actually use Google Chrome commands and URLs  in Firefox and obtain unpredictable results, which in some causes might be considered bugs… but they are not!

Copy and Paste the following URLs in your Firefox web address field:

  • Open Firefox options in a new tab: chrome://browser/content/preferences/preferences.xul
  • Show your bookmarks in a Firefox tab: chrome://browser/content/bookmarks/bookmarksPanel.xul
  • Show a list of what you have visited in a Firefox tab: chrome://browser/content/history/history-panel.xul
  • Show the javascript console in a tab: chrome://global/content/console.xul
  • Open a list of extensions installed in Firefox: chrome://mozapps/content/extensions/extensions.xul?type=extensions
  • Open a list of the themes available: chrome://mozapps/content/extensions/extensions.xul
  • Show a “Find” tool: chrome://global/content/finddialog.xul
  • I dont know what this is (?): chrome://global/content/filepicker.xul

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One Comment to “Unexpected Firefox Bugs Which May Turn Out to Be Useful”

  1. Peter Says:

    Firefox does what it’s supposed to, when entering a Chrome URL like chrome://browser/content/browser.xul, it renders the XUL document.

    You are correct about the Firefox interface being written in XUL. You are incorrect about Google Chrome using the Gecko layout engine, however. It uses the WebKit engine.

    “chrome://” URLs are unrelated to Google Chrome.
    The word chrome actually means the basic elements of GUI in computing jargon.

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