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As you know, a couple of weeks ago Google rolled out  Instant Search which lets users search for results as-you-type. Now, under normal conditions, while searching the Web for stuff , Google offers you nice keyboard shortcuts to speed things up.  But thanks to the new Instant Search now you can use even more Google Advanced Shortcuts to improve the way you use the search engine and shorten the amount of time you spend to search for a keyword!

So, the first thing to do is open Google.com and type the keyword you are looking for. While you are typing, Google will try to determine the keyword you are looking for by showing  a short list (max 10 items) of predicted keywords which might match your keyword. At this point you can use the following shortcuts:

  • Up/Down Arrow Key: it lets you browse among the list of  the “possible” keywords you are looking for.
  • Enter Key: Confirm your keyword.
  • Up/Down Arrow Key: After hitting the Enter key the list of keywords will disappear. At this point you will face the Search result page. The first result will have on its left a small arrow. use the Up/Down key on your keyboard to navigate among results.
  • These shortcuts also works for all Google services including Google Video, Google Images, Google News etc.

For more info Check this Google Video Out!

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5 Comments to “Google Instant Search Keyboard Shortcuts”

  1. Jasmin Ibrisimbegovic Says:

    just use http://userscripts.org./scripts/show/88447 to disable it !

  2. Solar Says:

    While the instant search results are quite useful, the fact that it takes control of the arrow keys and makes them act as the Tab key to jump between links has been the most frustrating experience I’ve had with Google.
    As much as I like the instant search results, the irritation I feel towards the tabbing arrows outweighs its usefulness to me. I have thus disabled it.

  3. ipo Says:

    The worst feature ever. It’s impossible to scroll with the arrow keys. Terrible!

  4. Rich Says:

    I loathe these features of Google. The great idea behind Google was its uncluttered interface and simple search function; noe of the clutter and superfluous tat of Yahoo and MSN. Time to find another search engine.

    Give me back my keyboard!

  5. asdf Says:

    and how to turn this shortcuts feature off. i don’t like it. i like to navigate through page with arrow keys but not through through the search results.

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