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Like everything else on this world, even Google is not perfect. Errors, bugs and other issues affect the most famous and popular Google applications, leaving their users at loss at what to do. Well, the best thing to do is to report the error right away so that the Google Team will be able to fix it. Did you know that Gmail has got, nested among its features, a special page which lets you report errors and other issues, directly to Google Team?

  1. Before contacting the Google Team you have to know that there is a page where you can check if the error you discovered is already known by Google. Visit the Gmail Known Issue webpage and check if your error has already been reported.
  2. If the error you discovered is not in the list, fill in the form available on this page.
  3. Again, please before filling the form out remember:
  4. * If you’re using the new Gmail Labs feature, please temporarily disable Labs before troubleshooting your issue. To share feedback or report an issue about Labs, visit the Labs Help Group.
    * Check the Known Issues page to see if your issue has already been reported.

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5 Comments to “How to Report a Gmail Error”

  1. Gary Treadwell Says:

    email receipt

    I am a user of gmail – up until 3 weeks ago I have not had any issues using it
    However I have started receiving emails from USA that are not intended for me
    I have sent emails back to the source saying I have not bought the items and that I live in Australia not the USA but I am worried that my email address is being used by someone else and I cannot stop it
    I have looked at the help but it does not tell me what to do and how to stop this mis use of my email address
    I really need help with this as closing my account and re opening under another name would create major problems for me
    Can you please help

  2. Thwe Thwe ( Singapore ) & Ever Soe Naing ( Singapore ) Says:

    Previous times (before 1 week), Gmail Facilities was extremely good. Nowadays different with previous times.


  3. Thwe Thwe ( Singapore ) & Ever Soe Naing ( Singapore ) Says:

    Dear Google (Gmail / Google Voice / Chat) Management,

    Kindly report & request to Gmail that, on the previous days, my lap-top was down due need to be replaced with new hard-disc.
    After replaced with new hard-disc, installed back relative some programs-softwares & connect with internet facilities.
    But in the gmail-web, at this time, I am unable to apply gmai facilities, the page was displayed “error on page”, and I am Google Voice User, at the previous times, google (gmail / google voice / chat room / CALL PHONE) gmail facilities was extremely good enough, now our page was look like old fashion, can not find CALL PHONE, so unable to use Google Voice, unable to add my additional payment for google vocie, at the gmail, compose mail have not provided for good facilities such as: can not update or add new email address, can not apply font size, color, bold, etc.

    So please do knidly repair at our gmail-web, and kindly provide & grant to us like previous facilities.

    Your kindly reaction will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks with best regards.

    1) Thwe Thwe
    2) Ever Soe Naing

  4. Web Talk Says:

    The fact that something is trying to replace your Yahoo toolbar suggests me that maybe you have got a spyware, adware etc. Have a look at your Internet add-ons and see if there is something out of place. Also, try to perform an antivirus scan. Let me know, ok?

  5. Frank Getz Says:

    Windows vista home basic reports error on Gmail page and closes the browser (IE8). It starts to load page, changes my yahoo tool bar, tries to reload and then shuts IE down. Can’t keep Gmail loaded to make any changes. Must be a setting on my machine cause my notebook doesn’t have the problem. Can you suggest a fix?

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