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fireofxIf you wish to add some spice to your Firefox, then this tutorial is right for you! How many times have you wished to change the plain and ordinary Firefox buttons available on its toolbar? This quick hack will show you how to achieve this result in a couple of clicks!

  1. As a first step, download and install WinRar (don’t worry it is for free and it is an excellent zip archive utility!).
  2. Open Winrar and go to C:\Program Files/Mozilla Firefox/Chrome/Classic.jar.
  3. Click Classic.Jar file. a Folder called Skin should appear on the WinRar window.
  4. Drag such folder on the desktop.
  5. Open the Skin folder. It should contain another folder called Classic. Open it.
  6. Open the Aero folder, then the Browser folder.
  7. In the Browser folder locate the Toolbar.png file. This file should contain and display all the buttons located on the Firefox toolbar.
  8. Modify them as you like using a graphics editing program such Photoshop for example. Alternatively you can right-click Toolbar.png and select Open With – Paint. With Windows Paint you can modify the icons  by changing their colors, deleting part of them, adding notes etc.
  9. Save the file.
  10. Now open Winrar again and, again, go to C:\Program Files/Mozilla Firefox/Chrome/Classic.jar. Now, follow steps 3 to 6.
  11. Overwrite Toolbar.png with the one you just modified by dragging your customized Toolbar.png to the Browser folder.
  12. Close everything and open Firefox!

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One Comment to “How to Change Firefox Buttons”

  1. Neowizard Says:

    Just a foot note, Winrar isn’t free. It has a 40 days evaluation period at the end of which you must buy the software to use it.
    True, rarlabs didn’t bother to put any preventions from using winrar after those 40 days (preventions which would have been cracked in less then 1% of the invested time creating them), but that doesn’t make it free.

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